Same Race, but Very Different Countries

Most people in these countries are considered to be part of the same race, but they are otherwise far different

Same Language, but Very Different Countries

These countries speak similar languages, but they are still extremely different in other aspects

Similar Culture, but Different Countries

The culture of these countries is similar, but they are still extremely different in other characteristics

Suriname’s Most Similar Countries

1. Guyana, 2. Trinidad & Tobago, 3. Belize, 4. Dominican Rep., 5. Panama

Norway’s Most Similar Countries

1. Sweden, 2. Denmark, 3. Iceland, 4. Finland, 5. Germany

Netherlands’ Most Similar Countries

1. Belgium, 2. Germany, 3. Denmark, 4. Luxembourg, 5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom’s Most Similar Countries

1. Ireland, 2. Netherlands, 3. Denmark, 4. Germany, 5. New Zealand