Countries with the Most Similar Food to Ivory Coast

Country Food Similarity Index - Map of Countries with Similar Food to Ivory Coast

The Country Food Similarity Index is a statistically-based attempt to quantify how similar the food in one country is relative to another. By comparing the weight of raw food ingredients used in each country, a score is assigned that reflects the degree of similarity between the respective countries. The methodology is exactly the same for each country studied. 

The Most Similar Cuisines to Ivorian Food

Ivory Coast, a country in West Africa, boasts a vibrant cuisine. The five nations with the most similar food all border the Atlantic Coast. These countries all have a tropical climate. Their cuisines rely on a variety of starchy staples such as such as rice, yams, cassava, and plantains.

  1. Ghana is on Ivory Coast’s eastern border. The Ghanaian dish “Waakye,” is made from rice and beans. It is extremely similar to Ivory Coast’s “Riz Gras,” which combines rice and meat in a flavorful stew. Both nations also celebrate the use of plantains, evident in Ghana’s “Kelewele” (spicy fried plantains) and Ivory Coast’s “Alloco.” The abundance of seafood and bold spices further highlights the parallels between their cuisines.
  2. Benin and Ivory Coast both were once part of French West Africa. They have cuisines that include a variety of seafood dishes due to their coastal location. Grilled or fried fish, shrimp, and other seafood are commonly enjoyed. Furthermore, fermented corn / sorghum pudding is commonly eaten in these countries as well.
  3. Nigeria and Ivory Coast share a love for “Fufu,” a staple dough-like food, which can be paired with soups and stews. Cassava and yam are the two most widely consumed starches in these nations. Additionally, these countries tend to use a lot of peanuts, okra, and palm oil.
  4. Guinea is on Ivory Coast’s northwest border. Both countries were once colonized by France. Bouillie, a porridge-like dish, is a common breakfast food in these nations. Placali, a fermented cassava dish is a typically eaten in these countries as well. However, one big difference is that people in Guinea tend to eat more rice and less yams than people in the Ivory Coast.
  5. Togo is located in between Ghana and Benin. Fish is the most common source of meat in these countries. Tilapia, Mackerel, Catfish, and Sardines are popular in both Togo and Ivory Coast. Like many West African countries, fufu is often served with a variety of flavorful soups and sauces.

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The Least Similar Cuisines to Ivorian Food

The four of the five countries with the least similar food to the Ivory Coast are landlocked countries in Asia. As a result, seafood is a significantly smaller part of their diets. Furthermore, their climates are much cooler and drier than Ivory Coast’s. Their people tend to consume a much greater amount of wheat and potatoes than Ivorian people.

  1. Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country that was once part of the Soviet Union. Wheat, rice, and lamb are key components of Turkmen cuisine, and a variety of pilafs, and meat-based dishes are common. The country’s culinary traditions reflect the rich nomadic heritage of the Turkmen people, with an emphasis on hearty and filling meals.
  2. Tajikistan is a mountainous country in Central Asia. Tajik cuisine features stews, dumplings, and bread, and the extensive use of lamb and beef, in stark contrast to Ivory Coast. The Tajik people incorporate spices such as cumin, coriander, dill, and parsley, which are not as commonly eaten in Ivory Coast.
  3. Uzbekistan‘s cuisine is quite similar to both Tajikistan’s and Turkmenistan’s. Grapes and apples are two of the most popular commonly consumed fruits in Uzbekistan, unlike in Ivory Coast where bananas and mangoes are more prevalent.
  4. Poland‘s diet is heavy in pork products. In contrast, pork is not as commonly eaten in Ivory Coast. Polish cuisine uses a range of condiments like sour cream, mustard, and horseradish to enhance the flavors of dishes. Ivorian cuisine uses more peanut-based sauces, palm nut sauces, and tomato-based sauces.
  5. Mongolia is a sparsely populated country between Russia and China. Its cold, dry climate makes it difficult to grow crops. As a result, the country relies on animal husbandry for a large portion of its food. Mongolians tend to eat much more meat from cattle, sheep, and goats than Ivorians. They also eat more dairy products, especially yogurt.

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Full Food Similarity Ranking of Countries and Territories

Ivory Coast’s Most Common Food Ingredients

Protein: Saltwater Fish, Freshwater Fish
Fruit: Banana, Mango
Vegetable: Okra, Peanut
Starch: Cassava, Yam

Primarily based on 2020 data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.

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