The Most Common Crops per State

usa agricultural crops map, by area harvested

This map reflects the statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 2019. It reveals the two most common crops (by total area harvested) in each state, in proportion to each other. The three most common crops across the United States are corn, soybean, and wheat.


In the United States, corn is the most commonly harvested crop by total area harvested. However, the Pacific Coast and the Northwest regions tend to grow less than other areas of the country. Although Nevada and West Virginia do not have a lot of farmland, a high percentage of their cropland (not including hay) produces corn.

usa corn crops map


Soybean production is primarily located on the Eastern side of the United States. Usually states with that grow a lot of corn also grow a lot of soybean. It is often rotated with corn to avoid pests and other diseases. Arkansas and Mississippi are the two states with the highest percentage of their farmland being devoted to soybeans (not including hay).

usa soybean crops map


In contrast to soybeans, wheat is primarily grow in the Western portion of the United States. Wheat requires far less water than corn or soybeans. These areas generally have drier climates than the rest of the country. A high percentage of the crops harvested (not including hay) in Washington and Montana are wheat.

usa wheat crops map


Cotton is primarily grown in the Southern portion of the United States, since it prefers a subtropical climate. An especially high percentage of the agricultural land in Georgia is used to grow cotton. Despite being located in a desert, Arizona grows cotton too, thanks to heavy irrigation.

usa cotton crops map


In contrast to cotton, barley is primarily grown in the northern portions of the country. The crop is highly adaptable so it can be grown in a cool and dry climate. In fact, in Alaska, barley is by far the most commonly grown crop (excluding hay). Large areas of Idaho and Montana also produce it.

usa barley crops map

Other Crops

Along the Pacific Coast, nuts and fruits are commonly harvested. Florida and Georgia are two other states that grow a lot of these types of crops. The United States does not produce a lot of rice, it is concentrated in the eastern portion of Arkansas, close to the Mississippi River.

usa crops map

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