Countries with the Most Conservative Laws

The laws in one country can be far different from another. Even within countries, laws can vary greatly. They do not always reflect how conservative or liberal people are in the country. Furthermore, there may be certain laws that are not enforced even if they are on the books.

The following is an attempt to measure how conservative the laws in each country are compared to each other. Admittedly the definition of conservative laws are based on an American perspective. Ten different types of laws were studied:

Abortion – 10% – 12 pts
Some Central American countries do not allow abortion even if the mother’s life is at risk.
Other countries allow abortion in all circumstances.

0 points – Legal on request
2 points – Allowed due to risk of the mother’s life, to her health, rape, fetal impairment, or socioeconomic factors
8 points – Allowed due to risk of the mother’s life, to her health, rape, fetal impairment
9 points – Allowed due to risk of the mother’s life, to her health, and either rape or fetal impairment
10 points – Allowed due to risk of the mother’s life and to her health
11 points – Allowed due to risk of the mother’s life
12 points – Illegal under any circumstances

Source: Wikipedia

Alcohol – 10% – 12 pts
In many Muslim countries, alcohol is completed banned.
However, many countries in Africa do not even have a minimum age to purchase alcohol.

0 points – Age limit on drinking alcohol below 18 years old
2 points – Age limit on drinking alcohol is 18 years old
4 points – Age limit on drinking alcohol is above 18 years old
8 points – Alcohol allowed only for non-Muslims
12 points – Alcohol is completely forbidden

Source: Wikipedia

Narcotics – 10% – 12 pts
Possession of illicit drugs could lead to a death sentence in a few countries.
However, there are a few countries that have decriminalized their possession.

0 points – Legal
2 points – Decriminalized
4 points – Only for medical purposes
6 points – Criminalized
(6 points each for both marijuana and cocaine laws)

Sources: Wikipedia
Freedom Index

LGBTQ Rights – 10% – 12 pts
Homosexual relationships are criminalized in many predominately Muslim countries.
In contrast, more and more Western countries are legalizing same sex marriage.

0 points – Same sex marriage allowed
3 points – Civil unions for same sex partners allowed
6 points – Same sex marriage not allowed, same sex relationships allowed
9 points – Same sex relationships criminalized but not enforced
12 points – Same sex relationships criminalized

Source: Wikipedia

Prostitution – 10% – 12 pts
Prostitution is completely legal and regulated in several European and Latin American countries.
Still, many countries do not allow it in any form.

0 points – Legal or decriminalized
4 points – Only unorganized prostitution allowed
8 points – Prostitution only criminalized for buyers, sellers not criminalized
12 points – Illegal

Source: Wikipedia

Pornography – 10% – 12 pts
It is illegal even to possess pornography in a few countries.
On the other hand, many countries allow the sale of pornography.

0 points – Legal to sell
3 points – Legal to sell in certain circumstances
6 points – Illegal to sell
9 points – Some forms of pornography legal to possess
12 points – Possession of pornography is illegal

Source: Wikipedia

Gambling – 10% – 12 pts
Gambling is completely banned, both in land-based and online form in several countries.
However, many allow it to go on anywhere in their country.

0 points – Allowed
3 points – Limited to certain circumstances or subject to fines
6 points – Illegal
(6 points each for both land-based casinos and online games)

Source: Key to Casinos

Guns – 10% – 12 pts
In Yemen and the United States, a permit is not even required to buy a gun.
Civilians are not allowed to buy guns, especially in East Asia.

0 points – 0-10 gun rights score
1.5 points – 10-20 gun rights score
3 points – 20-30 gun rights score
4.5 points – 30-40 gun rights score
6 points – 40-50 gun rights score
7.5 points – 50-60 gun rights score
9 points – 60-70 gun rights score
10.5 points – 70-80 gun rights score
12 points – 80-90 gun rights score

Source: Freedom Index

Criminal Sentencing – 10% – 12 pts
For even non-violent crimes, several countries are still using the death penalty.
On the other end of the spectrum, many Latin American countries do not even allow life in prison sentences.

0 points – Death penalty is illegal
4 points – Death penalty is rarely-practiced due to moratorium or laws
8 points – Death penalty is practiced
10 points – Death penalty is even used for non-violent offenses
(An addition 2 points if sentences of Life Imprisonment are legal)

Source: Amnesty International

Corporal Punishment – 10% – 12 pts
There are a few countries where the authorities can inflict bodily harm on people as a punishment.
This practice is strictly forbidden for anyone to do for anyway in other countries.

0 points – Not allowed under any circumstances
3 points – Not allowed in schools, but allowed at home
6 points – Allowed in schools and at home, but prohibited in some settings
9 points – Allowed
(An addition 3 points if Judicial Corporal punishment is practiced)

Source: Wikipedia

10 Countries with the Most Conservative Laws

Due to their closely held religious beliefs, the ten countries with the most conservative laws are all predominately Muslim. Most are located in the Middle East.

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Pakistan
  3. Yemen
  4. Somalia
  5. Iran
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Mauritania
  8. Qatar
  9. Brunei
  10. Sudan

10 Countries with the Least Conservative Laws

Most of the countries with the least conservative laws are in Europe or were settled by immigrants from Europe. The ten countries with the least conservative laws are mostly Christian, but tend to have many atheists as well.

  1. Netherlands
  2. Uruguay
  3. Portugal
  4. Germany
  5. Austria
  6. Spain
  7. Colombia
  8. Mexico
  9. New Zealand
  10. Greece

Full List Ranking the Most Conservative Countries


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