Countries with the Most Similar Food to Libya

Country Food Similarity Index - Map of Countries with Similar Food to Libya

The Country Food Similarity Index is a statistically-based attempt to quantify how similar the food in one country is relative to another. By comparing the weight of raw food ingredients used in each country, a score is assigned that reflects the degree of similarity between the respective countries. The methodology is exactly the same for each country studied. 

The Most Similar Cuisines to Libyan Food

Libya is a country in North Africa that has a unique blend of Mediterranean, Berber, and Arab influences. The five nations with the most similar food are all predominately Muslim countries. Furthermore, Arabic is the official language in all five countries. They also have dry climates.

  1. Algeria is another country that has a delightful blend of Mediterranean and North African culinary influences. Couscous features prominently in both cuisines. They tend to use a lot of garlic, onions, and olive oil as well. Additionally, lamb and chicken, are popular sources of protein in both countries.
  2. Tunisia is another country that borders Libya and the Mediterranean. Harissa, a fiery chili paste, is a beloved condiment used extensively in Tunisian and Libyan cooking. Both countries use similar ingredients such as olive oil, spices, and grains. Couscous is a staple in their cuisines, often served with stews or grilled meats.
  3. Jordan is not in North Africa, but its cuisine shares many ingredients in common with Libyan food. Aromatic spices are used to enhance the taste of many dishes in both countries. Grilled meats like beef, lamb, and chicken are commonly consumed in these countries as well. However, Jordanians tend to eat less seafood.
  4. Morocco is further west in North Africa, but they have many shared culinary traits. Both cuisines make use of preserved lemons, olives, and tagine cooking methods. Spices like cinnamon, ginger, and saffron are commonly found in their dishes. However, oranges and tangerines are more widely consumed in Morocco.
  5. Iraq are geographically distant, but they do share some similarities in their food due to their Arab and Mediterranean influences. Flatbreads are a staple in both countries. However, people in Iraq tend to eat more rice than Libyans. Grilled meats, kebabs, and skewers are also popular in both countries.

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The Least Similar Cuisines to Libyan Food

Although Libya is located in Africa, four of the five countries with the least similar food to it are also located in Africa. The five least similar are all predominately Christian as well. Furthermore, these countries tend to get more rainfall as well. The difference in climates affects what types of crops can be grown in these places.

  1. Central African Republic and Libya both border the country of Chad. Despite their proximity, their food is extremely different. The majority of the country’s diet is based on cassava and yams, not wheat and potatoes like in Libya. Bananas and plantains are also an extremely common source of food in the country.
  2. Micronesia is a group of small islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It relies heavily on seafood, tropical fruits, and root crops as a result. The country’s relative isolation has limited its exposure to foreign influences. Micronesian cuisine tends to focus more on the natural flavors of ingredients.
  3. Democratic Republic of Congo is a large country located in the middle of Africa that is mostly tropical rainforest. Cassava is the dominant staple crop in the country, unlike in Libya, where wheat and potatoes are more prevalent. Freshwater fish is the most common source of meat in Congo, unlike in Libya, where chicken is more popular.
  4. South Sudan is another landlocked country in Africa on this list. Cassava is its staple food, however the country eats its share of sorghum as well. Porridge is one of the most commonly eaten dishes in the country. Another difference is that beef is the most popular in South Sudan.
  5. Burundi is a landlocked country in the tropical regions of Africa. Its diet is in large part based on cassava, sweet potatoes, plantains, and bananas. Very little potatoes or wheat are eaten in Burundi, compared to Libya. Furthermore, it is reliant on freshwater fish for protein, whereas Libya eats more chicken and saltwater fish.

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Full Food Similarity Ranking of Countries and Territories

Libya’s Most Common Food Ingredients

Protein: Chicken, Saltwater Fish
Fruit: Watermelon, Date
Vegetable: Tomato, Onion
Starch: Wheat, Potato

Primarily based on 2020 data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.

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