The Sub-Saharan African Country Most Similar to Latin America

1. Gabon, 2. Angola, 3. Equatorial Guinea, 4. Eswatini, 5. Madagascar

Countries with the Most Similar Food to Papua New Guinea

1. Vanuatu, 2. Solomon Islands, 3. Gabon, 4. São Tomé, 5. Ivory Coast

Countries with the Most Similar Food to the Republic of Congo

1. Dem. Rep. Congo, 2. Angola, 3. Liberia, 4. Mozambique, 5. Gabon

The Most Similar Countries to Gabon

1. Rep. Congo, 2. Cameroon, 3. Equatorial Guinea, 4. Ivory Coast, 5. Central African Rep.

Typical Characteristics of the Tropical Africa Region

Characteristics of countries in Tropical Africa