The 4 Least Similar US States

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The State Similarity Index has established that New Jersey and Wyoming are the least similar states to each other. The analysis shows that their demographics, culture, governments, infrastructure, and geography are extremely different.

nj new jersey wy wyoming hi hawaii dissimilar states

But what state is extremely different from both New Jersey and Wyoming? The data shows the Hawaii has the least in common with either state. Furthermore, the research shows that Hawaii is the most unique state, so it is no wonder it makes the list. A high percentage of people in Hawaii have East Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry, unlike New Jersey and Wyoming. As a result, Hawaii’s culture is far different from these states as well. The state is at a much lower latitude than these states as well. Because of this, Hawaii has tropical climate, so it is typically much hotter than these states. In fact, the buildings in Hawaii do not need to be heated. Furthermore, the state does not have any working freight railroads in contrast to New Jersey and Wyoming.

Extending this analysis even further, we find that Mississippi is the least similar state to the average of Hawaii, Wyoming, and New Jersey. The state has the highest percentage of Black people in the country, more than 25% higher than all of these states. In addition, it has the highest percentage of Protestants in the country. Another difference is that its native residents tend to have a typical Southern accent. Furthermore, it is not as affluent or educated as Hawaii, Wyoming, and New Jersey.

The list could be continued even further. However, since Alaska and Wyoming are somewhat similar, this seems to be a logical end point. Here are the next 4 least similar states:

5. Alaska
6. Massachusetts
7. Utah
8. Louisiana

The 6 Least Similar Countries

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