The Southern State Most Similar to the Northeast

1. Virginia, 2. North Carolina, 3. Tennessee, 4. West Virginia, 5. Kentucky

The Northeastern State Most Similar to the South

1. Pennsylvania, 2. Delaware, 3. Maryland, 4. Maine, 5. New Jersey

States with the Most Gun Restrictions

Including restrictions and requirements for gun ownership in the United States

Similar States with Extremely Different Culture

These states are similar, except for their demographics

aerial view of houses near a beach under blue sky

Variance in Hydrology by US State

Explanation of the hydrological data used in the State Similarity Index

Extremely Different States with Similar Demographics

These states have similar demographics, but little else in common

The Variety of Education Levels in US States

Explanation of the education data used in the State Similarity Index

The Most Similar States to Virginia

1. North Carolina, 2. Maryland, 3. Georgia, 4. South Carolina, 5. Tennessee