Historic Ranking Table Of All NHL Franchises


16 pts. – Stanley Cup Winners
8 pts. – Reached Stanley Cup Finals
4 pts. – Reached Conference Finals
2 pts. – Reached Conference Semi-Finals
1 pts. – Reached Conference Quarter-Finals

The Most Successful NHL Franchises


  • franchises have been relocated and renamed often in the NHL, so this reflect current team names
  • the study starts in the 1926-1927 season, the first where the NHL had sole control of the Stanley Cup
NHL FranchiseTotal2020’s2010’s2000’s1990’s1980’s1970’s1960’s1950’s1940’s1930’s1920’s
Montreal Canadiens53291382741104104108565012
Detroit Red Wings3790105151114408872502
Toronto Maple Leafs3562411158188644100644
Boston Bruins34954010242369644564428
Chicago Black Hawks278156522233756820482
New York Rangers24942262918321220265228
Philadelphia Flyers1462151816355640000
Pittsburgh Penguins141246314551200000
Edmonton Oilers12852112981000000
New York Islanders1208646781800000
St. Louis Blues11142710161820160000
Dallas Stars105951934231140000
Colorado Avalanche98205312715000000
New Jersey Devils9101048284100000
Tampa Bay Lightning8340222010000000
Los Angeles Kings751324149960000
Calgary Flames693412638600000
Washington Capitals6832962010000000
Buffalo Sabres6002721131700000
Vancouver Canucks5821391614400000
Montreal Maroons580000000804010
San Jose Sharks490271660000000
Carolina Hurricanes48542946000000
Anaheim Ducks480143130000000
Ottawa Senators (new)33092040000000
Nashville Predators25219400000000
Arizona Coyotes2516279000000
Ottawa Senators (original)20000000000218
Vegas Golden Knights1789000000000
Minnesota Wild1628600000000
Florida Panthers1532190000000
New York Americans14000000002102
Winnipeg Jets926100000000
Columbus Blue Jackets715100000000
California Golden Seals400000220000
Pittsburgh Pirates200000000002